younger woman you're gonna get older too

younger woman the devil's watching you

watch what you say watch what you do

you know that man he don't belong to you


his loving wife helped him get where he is today

they've got a child and she is in the family way

you think he's nice you want to play

you'll turn around that will be you one day


you're beautiful girl it's a natural fact

there's something ugly about the way you act

you say hello and then you wink

she'll never know that's what you think of her


think of her as yourself

would you want somebody disrespecting you

what the hell


the people don't want war but the corporations do

they hire politicians to get them to do what they want them to

they tell us it's a necessity

put the propaganda on the t.v.




you pay your taxes and they give it to the man to buy a bigger gun

or it slips into the pocket of the mistress at the senator's club

you barely have enough for your rent

got no say in how your money is spent




good people all over the world


the people don't want war 

they want peace and love and harmony

they write about it

talk about it 

sing about it for centuries

the governments and the religions take the poor ones and they use them as pawns